If you have an annoying ding or dent that you just can't stand to look at but you would rather not spend the money in conventional repair and painting then consider this....Paintless Dent Removal. It is the process of getting behind the metal with various tools and working the metal back to it's original state. By removing the dent in this process we avoid repainting the entire section which interns saves time, money, and makes for a overall better repair. We offer our own Paintless Dent Repair here at the dealership by me, Ben Gaier. I have been removing dents for over 22 years for the dealership and our customers.

Frequently ask questions:

Question: What is the first step?
Answer: Most customers will contact me and bring the vehicle to the dealership for me to take a quick look at. By doing this I can get a pretty good guess on whether or not the dent can be removed or not depending on location and severity. From here I will let the customer know about how much the repair would cost. If the repair is to be done we will set up an appointment for the vehicle to be dropped off.

Question: How long do you usually have the vehicle?
Answer: Usually one day...depends on the severity of the damage.

Question: If you can not get the dent out do you charge anything?
Answer: Nope. If I can't get to it or I misjudged the severity I will not charge.

Question: Does it cost anything for an estimate?
Answer: Nope, free estimate.

Question: Can you remove large dents?
Answer: Sometimes. It all depends on the severity and location. I have had some very large dents that turn out great but a lot of factors have to come into play to make it possible. Usually just by looking at the dent I can tell whether or not if it is possible.

Question: Do you remove Hail Damage?
Answer: Yes. This is very common for paintless dent repair. This does however take more time so the customer will have to drop off the car for a few days to preform the job.

Question: Will my insurance cover the work?
Answer: Yes, we work with all automotive insurance companies. Small dents will normally be less than what your deductible is so usually the insurance does not get involved. Larger jobs including hail removal we will contact your insurance.  

** Have a dent that you would like just a quick estimate? Just text it to me at 937-726-0057  

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